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Group Play:  Skill Levels
Are you ready to move up?

Group play skill levels:

All Group Play events provide an indication of the required skill level associated with that event.  With the exception of All-Play events, players registering for any given group play event do so with a reasonable expectation of playing with, and against, others that meet the designated skill level.
We are aware of many cases where players are joining events when they clearly do not meet that designated skill level.  We are further aware that many of those players know that they do not meet the designated skill level, but register for the event anyway.  This type of behavior is particularly prevalent in the Advanced Intermediate events.

How do I know if I'm in a group play event appropriate for my skill level?As a guide, consider the following when playing in events at a given skill level:
If you generally win the significant majority of games in which you participate, it may be appropriate for you to move up to the next skill level.  Conversely, if you generally lose the majority of games in which you participate, or you feel "out of your depth", that may be a sign that you are in the wrong skill group.

Winter indoor group play availability:With the limited number of indoor courts available, scheduling events at different skill levels and at times to suit everybody is simply not possible.  However, joining events for which you are not suited because it "fits your schedule" or "there was nothing else available" is not fair or reasonable on those that do meet the stated skill level.

Player behavior:

When playing with us in group play events, you will inevitably encounter those who do not meet your skill level (or at least your perception of it); however, so will others!  Please treat other players as you would wish to be treated in that situation.  Some players are keen to try a higher skill level to see if it's appropriate for them and should be encouraged while doing so.  Such players, at least the ones with some degree of self-awareness, should quickly realize if they are ready for the move up or not.
You are reminded that you have agreed to conduct yourself in accordance with the "USA Pickleball Sportsmanship Guide".  In essence, you may not belittle another person for any reason.  "For any reason" includes your belief that you are a more highly skilled pickleball player.  Bullying, and any such similar behavior, will not be tolerated.



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