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Indoor Courts: Closure

Indoor courts are currently closed.

Outdoor courts available as usual.

Indoor Pickleball:  Closed from 05/20/24 until further notice



Unfortunately, we are forced to temporarily close our indoor pickleball facility due to the building having failed its latest fire inspection.  This closure will start Monday 05/20/24 and continue until further notice.


The fire inspection was conducted by Plumstead Township.  Many of you are familiar with the problems that we faced in 2022 with Plumstead Township and zoning issues.  

Interestingly, these fire inspection failures principally center around the use type of the building and not its inherent safety.  This is the first time that this building has failed such an inspection during its use for pickleball.


Naturally, we are dismayed by this development and will be doing everything that we reasonably can to bring the building back into compliance.


We offer our sincere apologies for the disruption and uncertainty that we know this will cause.

This closure only impacts indoor pickleball.  Outdoor pickleball operations will continue as usual.

Thank you for your understanding, patience and support.



Doylestown Pickleball