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Membership Update - January 2024

Annual and Monthly Membership.

We have now reached our limit on the number of annual and monthly memberships available for purchase.  Limiting the number of memberships helps us in our effort to maintain reasonable court time opportunities for all our existing members.


Note that the existing annual and monthly memberships are not changing in any way, we have simply reached our limit for the number available.


Summary of membership categories and status:


Annual Membership (indoor & outdoor).

Membership availability:  No (category full)

Waitlist availability:  Yes


Monthly Membership (indoor & outdoor).

Membership availability:  No (category full)

Waitlist availability:  Yes


Outdoor Membership (outdoor only) - new category (see the section below for more details)

Membership availability:  Yes (limited)


Non-member accounts.

Availability:  Yes


Membership expiration and renewal.


Annual Membership (indoor & outdoor).

Existing annual membership holders need not be concerned about losing their membership.  Members will be given the opportunity to renew their membership upon expiration if they wish to do so.  If you do not have "Auto-Pay" configured, you will have ten (10) calendar days after membership expiration to initiate renewal before your account is returned to non-member status.  Non-members must apply for membership in the usual way; this may involve joining a waitlist if the desired membership category is full at the time of application.


Monthly Membership (indoor & outdoor).

If you do not have "Auto-Pay" configured, this membership type will automatically revert your account to non-member status after 48 hours of expiration.


Outdoor Membership (outdoor only).

Expiration and renewal for this new membership category will be the same as that described under "Annual Membership (indoor & outdoor)" above.



In order to reduce the chance of interruption to your continuing membership when it comes to renewal, you are encouraged to review your account Auto-Pay setting and enable it if necessary.  Note that this setting is OFF by default and is under your exclusive control.  Please see our searchable FAQs for more help on this if required.

If you choose to use Auto-Pay, you are reminded that it is your responsibility to ensure that any credit cards stored on file with us are up to date and have adequate funds available.  Doylestown Pickleball is not responsible for payment failures that impact membership renewal.


Membership Waitlists.

All categories of membership will have a waitlist available as required.  Those applying for membership should check the relevant box on the membership application form if they wish to be included on such a waitlist.  If the selected membership category is full, applicants will be added to the waitlist for that membership category.

More detailed information on the operation of membership waitlists is available in the terms and conditions of membership and membership waiting lists.


New Membership Category.


Outdoor Membership.

For players that mostly want to be outdoors and still enjoy member benefits, we are introducing an outdoor membership option.  Although this will likely appeal to those playing in the warmer months, it will be an annual membership and may be used all year-round weather permitting.  Outdoor membership holders will be able to play indoors, but will do so on a non-member basis.


Thank you for playing with us.

Happy New Year.

Doylestown Pickleball.