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  • ⛑️ Protecting & Caring for Your Paddle

    The Basics of Pickleball Paddle Care Cleaning your Paddle Wipe down the paddle with a damp microfiber cloth - Paddle and Handle. Use Water or light glass cleaner. Raw Carbon Paddles can use a Carbon Cleaning Block to help remove the scuffs and residue the balls leave. Protect On The Court - Overgrips Protect grip by using an overgrip. Overgrips are lower cost and can be replaced frequently. Grips absorb sweat, friction, and everything else on your hands. You can purchase them from us - More Info If you need assistance, we can help you apply your new grips - More Info Need Help? We can help you with our Re-grip service. - A Beginners Guide to Pickleball Overgrips - Edge Guards Protects paddle from chipping or wearing out. These can be replaced quickly and are often sold in bundles. Sold in 30 mm for wider beamed paddles and 20 mm for thinner paddles. - How to apply Edge Guard Protect Off The Court - Paddle Cover Putting your paddle directly in your bag allows dirt, dust, sweaty clothes and more to be touching your paddle. Friction between paddles in your bag while caring could also damage your paddle. - Pickleball Bag Pickleball Bags have different compartments for different equipment you may have for pickleball. Larger bags include a water cooler section, a shoe section, a paddle section, glasses, and phone sections to keep all your belongings safe. Some bags even include hooks to assist with hanging on the fence during play. Avoid the Elements - Extreme Temperatures Cold can increase their brittleness, making them prone to breakage. Excessive heat can soften the paddle face and may cause delamination. It is best to bring your paddle in from the car or garage and store it in a dry, room-temperature closet. - Avoid Getting Paddle Wet. Although a bit of rain or wiping the paddle down won't hurt the paddle, submerging it in water or any other liquids should be avoided. Many paddles feature a honeycomb core that could trap water inside your paddle face, making it harder to use. How long should a paddle last ? The lifespan of a pickleball paddle typically ranges from one to five years, depending on usage and the level of care it receives. While Selkirk Sport offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, natural wear and tear are to be expected. By following proper cleaning and maintenance practices, you can significantly enhance your performance on the court and extend the lifespan of your paddle. Some information from this was adopted from:

  • 🎁 Pickleball - eGift Cards

    You don’t know what you get from your friends, family, or significant other on special occasions. Give the GIFT OF PICKLEBALL. E-GIFT CARDS By selecting an e-Gift Card, the recipient will get to choose what they would like to use it for. OPTIONS (for the recipient) Add credits to their (Court Reserve Account), which can be used to rent court and join playgroups or leagues. Purchase Pickleball Equipment from the Store in person or online at - LINK TO PURCHASE -

  • 🥇🥈🥉 Tournament Results: Mason Mill

    Tons of ❤️, support, 💨, great points, even better players and 🥇🥈🥉 at this weekends Pickleball is Life Tournament! Congratulations to all of the players and way to make us proud! ** We missing a few Members photos so please email us and we will add. RESULTS - (Gallery Below) GALLERY

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  • Private Rental/Lesson | Doylestown Pickleball

    PRIVATE EVENTS, RENTALS & LESSONS Private Events, Rentals & Lessons Interested in renting several courts for a private function? ​ Do you have a group of friends or colleagues that want to learn how to play this fun game and would like some private instruction to get started? ​ Maybe it's just you looking for a private lesson or two? Whatever your pickleball needs, please use this form to provide us with a few initial details of what you have in mind and we'll do our best to help you plan it. Please provide as much information as you can; this will help us to help you. Items to consider for your event: - When do you want to do this? - Is this date flexible? - How many players will be involved? - What will be the event duration? - Indoors or outdoors? - If outdoors, rain date? - Will you require instruction? - If so, for how many players and at what skill level? (e.g., never played, intermediate etc.) - Specific requirements. The use of alcohol, tobacco and all other recreational drugs is never permitted while you are on our premises. Please leave your pets at home; they are not permitted anywhere on our premises. Private Events, Rentals & Lessons Name Email Address What do you want to do? Submit Inquiry Your inquiry should be processed within 48 hours. We will attempt to contact you at the email address that you provided.

  • Doylestown Pickleball | Doylestown, PA, USA

    FRIENDLY, FUN, SOCIAL & COMPETITIVE PLAY Whether you're a seasoned expert or want to know more about this popular and fiercely addictive sport, Doylestown Pickleball is the place to learn, socialize, make new friends, compete, stay active and have fun. DP PICKLE NEWS . 🆓 Resources ⛑️ Protecting & Caring for Your Paddle 105 0 Post not marked as liked 📣 Announcements 🎁 Pickleball - eGift Cards 13 0 Post not marked as liked 🥇🥈🥉 Tournament Results: Mason Mill 359 0 Post not marked as liked 1 2 3 4 5 View All The fastest growing sport in the United States (*The Sports & Fitness Industry Association’s Topline Participation Report) * Need a paddle during your visit? Check out our range of other pickleball gear too. Review our selection of paddles, bags, balls and accessories. ​ We also have a range of demo paddles that are available for use free of charge when you rent a court or register for one of our events. Demo paddles may not be taken off-site. Visit our store Who we are... Doylestown Pickleball is hosted by Camp Curiosity on a beautiful 55-acre farm in Central Bucks County, Pennsylvania. ​ It all started in 2017 with just four friends playing together. Over the years, it has grown steadily and we now have 21 indoor and outdoor courts. ​ How to find us FAQs DP Pickleball Calendar Make sure you check out our pickleball calendar and see what exciting activities are coming up for you. View Calendar Learn Learn from our coaches in a variety of classes and clinics. Y ou can also setup a time for private sessions either 1:1 or with a group you choose. Take a peek... Play Group Play Court Rentals Leagues Special Events Tournaments Take a peek... Visit our Store Shop All Best sellers New Arrival Selkirk | Vanguard Control Price $199.99 Add to Cart Carbon Fiber Selkirk | Power Air | Epic Price $249.99 Add to Cart Selkirk | Pro S1 Pickleball - 4 Pack Price $14.99 Add to Cart New Arrival Selkirk | Premium Protection | Head Tape | Pack of 3 Price $7.99 Add to Cart Raw Carbon Fiber | Spin SLK | Halo | XL - Extra Long Price $139.99 Add to Cart Gamma | Lead Tape Price $5.99 Add to Cart New Arrival SLK | Latitude 2.0 Price $69.99 Add to Cart New Arrival Selkirk | Carbon Cleaning Block | 2 Per Box Price $10.00 Add to Cart Franklin | X-40 | 3 Pack Price $10.99 Add to Cart Raw Carbon Fiber | Spin SLK | Halo | Max -Largest Surface Price $139.99 Add to Cart Control Selkirk | LUXX | Control Air Price $249.99 Add to Cart Tourna | Lead Tape Price $5.95 Add to Cart Coming Soon Selkirk | Tungsten Tape Price $9.99 Add to Cart Best pickleball indoor and out!!!!! Victoria M.

  • FAQs | DoylestownPickleball

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