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๐Ÿงช Selkirk Labs - "Future of Pickleball" | Coupon Code : "ADV-JTHOMAS"

Are you interested in the newest technolgy in paddles? You'll want to look at Selkirk Labs.

Selkirk Labs are the most advanced and newest technology from the Selkirk Brand.

- We are not able to offer these in store, however you are able to purchase them through our affiliate links.


What is Selkirk Labs? - "Future of Pickleball"

  • (Directly from Selkirk Website)

Selkirk Labs is not for everyone. It is for a select group of individuals who care about trying the latest technology, receiving early access, and shaping the future of Pickleball.
For the everyday player looking for their next paddle, we recommend looking at our Selkirk Sport paddles for high-performance equipment and our SLK by Selkirk brand geared for the next generation of players.

Selkirk & SLK Paddles can be found on the Doylestown Pickleball Store.


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